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supplementary materials

BOOK - 64-page 6x9 softcover with 83 4-color images. Three copies of the book are provided as part of the participation fee. Additional copies may be purchased for $12 each, shipping included, for retail sales: retail price is $21.

FILM - 4 minute high-def DVD: theme and variation on the flag in 125 images; music-driven animation of stills.

LECTURES/TALKS - 30 and 60 minute variations: 20/40 minute scripts, with additional time for introductions and questions. Elihu Blotnick, the photographer, is also a recognized poet and has written two narrative essays about his documentary photography. He is a professional audiobook reader and voice-over narrator as well.

EDUCATIONAL ENRICHMENT - Lesson plans, including a collection of flag quotes, have been created around the imagery, authored by the history teachers of Thomas Jefferson High School in Alexandria Virginia.

PUBLICITY - Press releases and photographs for print and broadcast media are available and can be adapted for varying use.

exhibit conditions

PAYMENT - Participation Fee is due in two parts: half before shipping, and half prior to first day of exhibit. The participation fee includes a choice of one print from the show, to be kept by the exhibitor.

REQUIREMENTS - No commercial or political use may be made of this exhibition. Firefall-Original traveling exhibitions may be used for educational and exhibit purposes only. Access to this exhibition shall not be denied to anyone on the basis of religion, race, or ethnicity. No smoking, food, or drinks are allowed in display, staging, or storage space containing this exhibition. No special fee (other than museum general admission) may be charged, and no general museum fundraising event may be held in conjunction with this exhibition. Any permission for exception must be obtained in advance in writing from Robinson Joyce at

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