Elihu Blotnick - photography
Group Shows:
Musée d'Art Moderne - Paris 2012 (2 images); Expo Angoulême 2000 (2 images); Ansel Adams Center, San Francisco 1997 (2 images); Alexander Gallery, New York 1993 (2 images); Focus Gallery, San Francisco 1984 (10 images); California Historical Society 1979 (1 image); Northwest Int’l Exhibit of Photography 1976, 1977; Photokina, Cologne 1975 (12 images in series); Gotesborg, Sweden 1970 (40 images); Stedelijk, Amsterdam 1970 (40 images); The Museum of Albuquerque 1969 (40 images); Phoenix Gallery, Berkeley 1969 (43 images).

Individual Shows:
The Light Room, Berkeley 2013; OK Harris Gallery, Soho 2010; Graduate School of Journalism, UC Berkeley 1997; String Box Books: San Francisco 1996; The Little Known of Gallery, San Francisco 1981; Oakland Museum 1976 (film).

Nikon International, Bronze, 1988, 1989 (2 awards); Northwest International Exhibition of Photography, Judge’s Choice, 1976, 1977 (3 awards); The American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1973, 1976; Art Director’s Club (Washington DC) & the Federal Design Council, 1976 (3 awards).

by: Leica International (1993); Camera 35, California Living (1984).

articles about: Communication Arts (1976); Camera (1975); San Francisco Chronicle (1997, 2013).

FREE FOR ALL (Firefall, 2010), theme and variation on the flag.
SEEDLINGS (Firefall, 2009), growing up in a nature preserve.
GLIMMINS (Firefall, 2009), a photo-story defining childhood.
SALTWATER FLATS (BBM, 1975) photographs & poems in counterpoint, reviewed by the New York Times: “Powerful and very personal images of contemporary America.”
RUSSIAN HILL/storm year (California Street Editions, 1982), portrait of San Francisco’s literary life. (one poem selected by BART for Poetry-in-Transit poster, 1995-1998)

Slide Exhibits:
"People’s Park" (Prentice Hall) “The most alive, vital photographs,” Thomas Albright, SF Chronicle

"TRAFFICKING" A Weill/Cornell Colloquium for the American Psychiatric Association and the U.S. Justice Department. 2015
"MUSIC FOR A NEW DEPRESSION" (Blue-Loves) 4:20 music video, politics and poetry in a blues voice, song of a native oracle. 2008
"THE FLOOR IS YOURS: the UNinaction series"  Experts and advocates at the U.N. Two 55 minute documentaries on the International Psychoanalytical Assocation and the Commission on the Status of Women meetings at the United Nations. Distributed and shown at conferences worldwide. 2006-2008. Presently in 50 universities.
"WEBFOOTED FRIENDS - a film that has nothing to do with ducks" (Macmillan/Audio Brandon) 5 minutem 35mm short, 118 stills, animated; theme & variation on the Colors; shown at the Regency II in San Francisco, the Fine Arts in New York, the Act One in Berkeley, the Nickelodeon in Santa Cruz, the Kennedy Center in Washington, (24 weeks total), as well as the International Film Festivals of London, Nyon, Tampere, Sydney, Moscow and the Virgin Islands. “A very lively, highly amusing satire/celebration,” Ken Wlaschin, the London Film Festival, 1977

Commissions: partial list
Poster Series: California Department of Mental Health; International Brochure: Diesel Jeep: American Motors

Print Ads: Packard Bell (Scientific American)

Executive Portraits: Levi Strauss (Business Week)

Annual Report: California Microwave

Social Studies Program: Addison Wesley: 6 books
Math Program: Field Educational: 6 books

Published in Life, Camera, Esquire, Camera-35, Harper’s, Rolling Stone, Psychology Today, American West, Chicago Review and others.

Displays: Mural: Luckman Building, L.A., Briggs & Sullivan: Conference Room, 8’x62’ on plexiglas (1977)

Permanent Exhibit: Bank of California, Tokyo: 4 color prints (1975); San Francisco Public Library: American Indian Room (2001)

Collections: Library of Congress, the California Historical Society, the Oakland Museum, the Golden Gate National Park Association, and the Canyon School

Wall Panels: Paris Auto Show: American Motors: 36'x9' (1975)

Local Political Campaigns: Lido Beach, New York

Book Covers for Firefall Literary: 19 in all.

Print Participation:
“Alcatraz” (PBS documentary)
“The Most Dangerous Man in America” (Academy Award Nominee documentary, 2010)
“The Cover Story: album art” (documentary, 2013)

The Sixties: UC Berkeley; the Focus Gallery; Phoenix Gallery
about Photography:
THE LAST LIVING MASTER Black Platinum, Red Gold (Firefall 2016)
THE GHOST OF TEAC NOS POS  (Firefall Editions 2010)
        “extraordinary” Rust Hills
        “prismatic eloquence” Kathryn Delappe
ON THE CREST OF TIME (Firefall 1998)
        "coy, mysterious, sexy...a collusion of photographs and story" Booklist
        "jolting...a swift quirky tale"  Publishers Weekly

self-portraits 2014

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in the field                                                in film

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